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All about Kythen Lyaer

Image :
Ky looking sexy
Image 2 :
Ky and Jessie
Image 3 :
Ky has a cute smile...and bare feet
Image 4 :
Kythen's Wolf Form
Playby :
Jesse Spencer
Full Name :
Kythen Jozuah Lyaer
Age :
Race :
Gender :
Occupation :
Batender/Owner of Death by Chocolate
Charater's Birthday :
October 19, 1986
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Appearance :
Kythen is built like a runner or swimmer more than a football player or wrestler. Athletic but not overly muscled, just enough to give him the ability to take care of himself if it comes down to a fight. He's not tall though nor is her particularly short, standing about 5'10". His blond hair is short and almost always untidy, sometimes nearly hiding his black wolf ears if it's long enough, no matter how much he tries to get it to lie flat though he does manage to tame it when he's particularly determined. He's slightly tanned (living in a jungle will do that to you) and his ice blue eyes gleam with emotion. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul and Kythen's are no exception, betraying emotion that he hides with body language and sharp words. Even if he's standing looking emotionless and calm one look at his eyes will tell you what mood he's in, which is why he tends to avoid making eye contact when he can.

He has a fair complexion except for the scar across his back. It runs diagonally across his back and feels like a small piece of rope. He has a few smaller scars, not nearly as noticeable or as likely to draw stares and unwanted questions. He can almost always be seen wearing comfortable clothing, jeans and t-shirts and the like though he cleans up well when he has a mind to. But one thing he always wears no matter where he is or what he's doing is a small, hear-shaped golden locket which he usually keeps tucked under his shirt. Only a select few people know where he got it and any questions asked about it will be flat-out ignored unless he's in a talkative mood.

He also has a second form that he can take, the form of a large and sleek black wolf.
Personality :
Strong-willed and outspoken, though he can be somewhat reserved, Kythen is every bit the potential leader he was raised to be. There is very little doubt in anyone's mind that he could, if he wanted to, make a great Alpha some day. But, perhaps because he knew the strain and demand that such positions came with, he seems to have no desire to pursue his birthright as the Alpha of the Dallas wolf pack. His excuse is often that he would make a poor leader in any situation and that he enjoys being just a regular guy far more than he would ever enjoy being an Alpha, though he also tends to take on the role of leader more often than he liked to admit.

He can be a bit mistrustful but once his trust and friendship have been earned he is an incredibly loyal friend. He would never hesitate to step in and defend his friends in any way. He's an extremely skilled fighter; having been trained from an early age to defend himself and his pack from threats. It is also not wise to get on his nerves considering the fact that he does have a bit of a temper though he is able to control it most times though when he does let his anger out it is never a good idea to be anywhere nearby. When he does lose his temper and needs to cool down or just needs a way to relax, one of his favorite things to do is settle down with his guitar and just play. Though he has never had any sort of official training with the instrument he is still very good and even composes small tunes that he'll jot down on any spare bit of paper he can find.

His judgment isn't always perfect and he hates most rules, especially ones he sees no good reason for. He won't necessarily go out of his way to break them but he will question them and may not punish those that break them as harshly as some others might (if he were in a position to punish people that is). He is a go-ahead person and would rush headlong into situations most others might either avoid entirely or at least think twice about before jumping into. Unless it involves spiders, of course. Though he won't actually say anything, he is terrified of them and, if one knows him well, it's not a hard phobia to figure out. Just don't tease him about it or he's liable to punch you on the nose and stalk off never to speak to you again unless you're a very close friend of his.
History :
Kythen and his two siblings was born to the Alpha pair of Dallas. As the largest of the pups and first born male, it was expected that he would one day take up his father's place as Alpha. He was the first of the three siblings to open his eyes and begin exploring their surroundings, a fact which both amused and worried his parents as he was all but fearless in his explorations. He was also the only pup to show any signs of diminance, even going so far as to bite his father's hand one one occassion. He was the first to have his first shift to human form and from a very early age he was taught how an alpha should act and what would be expected of him should he inherit his father's pack. Kythen absorbed the information but seemed uninterested in putting his knowledge to any sort of use.

As with all young boys, his favorite pass-time was running, jumping, exploring and generally doing everything he wasn't supposed to do just because he could do it. He chased small rodents, teased snakes, brought home lizards and caused his parents no small amount of stress while he was doing it. But, as with all the hellion stages of childhood, Kythen eventually grew out of most of this and settled into being a happy, healthy and well-adjusted boy.

His early school years went by as uneventfully as could be expected. There were, of course, fights, bad grades and the like to be dealt with but otherwise, his parents couldn't have hoped for better. It wasn't until high school that his parents really had to start worrying about their son's behavior again. A very close friend of his had been killed by a local farmer who hated wolves, both of the 'natural' and supernatural variety, and kept his gun loaded with silver. After the death of his friend, Kythen fell in with a bad crowd and started drinking and using drugs. His family and friends worried about the path he was on but any attempts to talk to him were met with stubborn opposition.

It wasn't until he was seventeen and he was severely injured in a car crash that the young wolf accepted that he had a problem and needed help dealing with it. With the support of his friends and family, he was clean and sober by the time he graduated and back on the right track, though there are times when he gives in to temptation and will go get high. Thankfully, the older he gets, the less this happens and he is careful not to let himself fall too far down that road again.

He took a couple years off of his schooling before heading to Aeternitas University to pursue a degree and, perhaps, meet someone he might want to settle down and have a family with. Thus far, he hasn't met the right girl though he hasn't given up hope of meeting her.
Other :
Magical Abilities:
Psycometry - The ability to obtain information about a person or object through physical contact. Usually limited to past events though on very rare occasions he can see future events. These 'visions' are always accompanied by severe headaches.

Mediumship - The ability to see and speak with the spirits of the dead. His most controlled ability, he can 'turn off' this ability in the sense that he can no longer see or hear the spirits though he always knows when one is around.

Clairvoyance - Perception of future events before they happen. This is a latent ability that will come into play later.

Hot cocoa (with cinnamon and mint or caramel)
Music (mostly country but he has varied tastes)
Cooking (and he's damn good at it too)
Ginger Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Bagels and Cream Cheese
Orange Juice
Action Movies
Walker, Texas Ranger
Crime shows (CSI, Criminal Minds etc)
House, M.D.

Annoying people
Small children
People in general
Cats (he's allergic)
Spiders (make fun of him and he'll kill you)
Vampires (mostly because they just creep him out)

Other Tidbits:
He's allergic to cats
He smells kinda cinnamon-y
Taught himself martial arts
Plays guitar, piano and violin but isn't very good at the last
Knows how to use and handle several different types of gun
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Muskegon, MI
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Kythen Lyaer
Kythen Lyaer
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