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 Cowboy Cassanova

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Kythen Lyaer
Kythen Lyaer

Full Name : Kythen Jozuah Lyaer
Race : Werewolf

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PostSubject: Cowboy Cassanova   Cowboy Cassanova EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 12:43 am

Full Name:
Kythen Joshua Lyaer
Ky, Cowboy, Alpha

The Good:
-A loyal friend
-Honest (mostly anyway)
-Can keep a secret

The Bad:
-Very secretive
-Not very trusting
-Dislikes rules

Kythen is two parts good guy, one part bad guy and one part that is undecided of what side it should be on. His good side is the side most people see when they first meet him. He might not be the most upstanding citizen considering his past but he could make you believe the sky is purple and that fish swim in chocolate syrup if he wanted to. He doesn't talk about himself much but you can guarantee that he'll get you to spill your darkest secrets to him if he really wants to know. Not that he cares, he might just be gathering information on you for later use or trying to distract you while he makes off with your cash. Those that know him well, however, know that this outgoing and friendly personality is little more than an act. He's quiet, anti-social and very secretive. He trusts very few people with his own dark secrets and if someone betrays that trust they're not likely to ever regain it. But no matter what side of Kythen you know, only he knows just how deep your friendship really goes.

So whatever your relationship select a category below and apply.


The Lunatic Cafe

Bone Crossed
Best Friends

The Circus of The Damned
Friends and pack-mates

Cry Wolf
Familiar Faces


Guilty Pleasures
Girlfriends, Lovers and Crushes

Moon Sworn
Soul Mate

Jessie Lyaer

My lover, my best friend and the woman I share my heart, body and soul with. I was smitten with her the first time I saw her and I worked my ass off those first four months trying to win her over. And she was worth every moment I spent trying to find new ways to charm her. I never expected to fall in love with her but....I couldn't help it.

Cerulean Sins

Incubus Dreams

On Him:

On Her:


Dangerous Games
Enemies and Rivals

The Laughing Corpse

Blood Noir

Hunting Ground
Friendly Competition


On the Prowl

Silver Borne
Authority Figures

Blood Bound

Korvin Lyaer

You're the Alpha I wish I could be...
My father, my alpha and my role model. He's been grooming me to take over Dallas since I was a pup. I don't have the heart to tell him I don't want Dallas. I want to create my own place in the world and I can't do that by taking over a pack that has been established for years and years under my family's name. I don't want to disappoint him but I can't be the alpha he wants me to be.

Amaya Lyaer

I know you're always there for me
My mother and my guardian angel. When dad pushed too hard mom was there to push back in ways I never could. She's strong and spirited and it's not mystery where I get my stubbornness from. I think my mom is the only person I've ever been truly afraid of. Have you ever seen my mom angry? No? Lucky you.

Jeremiah Lyaer

Cowboy 2.0....wait...2.0 implies better...
Info Pending

Arya Lyaer

I'm sorry I couldn't save you...
My baby sister, the one I was supposed to watch out for and the one I failed to protect. Her death was a tragic accident but I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for it. If I had never gone out that night maybe she never would have died and she'd still be here with us.

Orion Lyaer

Daddy's Boy
Info coming soon

Burnt Offerings
Past Relationships


To Be Added:


Application Form:

Full Name:
Position Wanted:
Years Known:
*How You Met:
*Memorable Moments:
**How Long You've Liked Him:
**Does He Know:

* Indicates these categories are optional though I'd love to see what you can come up with.
** Indicates that these categories are for crushes and admirers only and are also optional.

NOTE: Once accepted any notes you find next to your character's name are Kythen's thoughts on your relationship. These may or may not change depending on my mood and what direction your relationship takes. You're free to suggest these as well if I don't have one for you yet or you just have a good idea for a random comment.


Cowboy Cassanova FMSig1
I'm nothing but a lone wolf, misunderstood and labeled to be dangerous.
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Cowboy Cassanova
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